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The Family’s secret East German story
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Senior DiplomatGrand dad was a trouble maker of sorts in his younger days. He upset the Dutch and Japanese before the 1940s by setting up clandestine short wave radio transmitters in Jogja (Yogjakarta, central Java) and elsewhere, transmitting to the whole world the independence aspirations of the not yet independent Indonesian nation in perfect English. (He was a linguist--spoke 12 of them, and his hobby was languages.)  (Right foto at the Vatican, Rome, as a diplomat more than 10 years later in 1950 as Deputy Chief of Mission).
With Jogja’s KingAnimated flowerThe world heard. They (and the newly setup U.N.) sympathized and put pressure on the Allies (mostly the Dutch and British) to leave Indonesia . Clandestine transmissions never put the "enemy" in a good light. No wonder the Japanese, Rupiah 10,000 notewho threw out the Dutch by force of arms which Indonesia could not, despised these transmissions. (Left foto, Raden Mas  Suyoto Suryo-di-Puro, one of 5 founders of the Foreign Office and a founder of  the RRI state radio corporation, Sudjarwo Tjondro Negoro, a future diplomat, and Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono the IXth., the king of Yogjakarta, central Java--later the nation's vice president in the late '70s, buddies, participants & heroes during the independence revolution early 1940. The Sultan allegedly refused a second VP term under President Soeharto. Notice their appearances as men in the mid 30s and later on as senior citizens. The Sultan's image in a Rp 10,000 rupiah Bank Indonesia note [about US$ 4.45 early 1997], right foto ).

These clandestine operations were bombed (by the Dutch) and had to be moved from place to place dodging bombs as the family ran from one shelter to another in Jogja, Gunung Kidul and finally Jakarta.

The Japanese threw him in jail twiceGrand Mom and Dad in the early '40s for refusing to cooperate with them, and threatened him with execution as a "spy". The Japanese tried to make their IInd. world war "the west against the east" theme ("the Dutch only take advantage of you, while we as Asians want to see you defeat them," the Japanese would say), while Grand Dad thought neither the east or west were welcome as occupying powers. The date of execution was set, and all Grand Dad had to do was wait. As the guards escorted him out of his cell, the commandant met him in the courtyard  and said, "You're too valuable to die." So, he lived for another day. (With Grandmom, Raden Ayu Sri Ambariah Arismunandar**, & Granddad* at Adji & Minou's Javanese wedding on July 4th., their 2nd. in London, 1964 after their British civil ceremony May 4th. 1964, sitting at the bride & groom's chair at the Ambassadorial residence at The Bishop's Grove, Bishop's Avenue in Hampstead Heath, London, where they lived for 3 years).

Adji and Minou were married 4 times--yep 4, twice in England, once in Tehran where the dumb priest said to Minou, "Why do you have to marry this 'foreigner'? Don't we have enough Iranian men here?", not knowing then that Laila and Arto were already in existence. Priests should stick to their priesting business, because each time Adji remembers those irritating comments, his hackles stand up. That's another story. And one more time in Jakarta witnessed by their 3 teen aged children because the two parents lost all their wedding papers.

Grand Dad and a bunch of his friends continued to set up a network of clandestine radio transmitters throughout the country that later became the State Radio Corporation, Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI). Years later in the late '70s the Kompas Daily, Indonesia's largest circulating daily paper, honored his efforts and those of his friends by publishing the history of the founding of RRI during the War for Independence that ended when the country declared its Independence on the 17th. of August, 1945. Before passing away in October 1991, Kompas interviewed him again on his sick bed on the founding and history of the Foreign Office and RRI's history.  The R.R.I. state radio corporation is the forerunner of the state television monopoly, TVRI, and anchor of the other private Indonesian TV stations.

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Like his Grandson, Arto, Grand Dad never let on to his family that he did things that ended up in the papers. A British daily, for example, carried the story of the Indonesian diplomat who spoke welsh on TV which is supposed to be a very difficult language to master, a real tongue twister. One day, his son, Adji, sees his Dad's picture in this paper under his foot as he was about to step on an escalator in one of the London underground escalators. "Well, what do you know, Dad is in the papers again. This time speaking Welsh on Welsh TV," he thought to himself. The Welsh must have been quiet impressed that they carried his TV story. Likewise were his other achievements, in newspaper stories no less. His kids never knew it, if not for the papers.

Likewise with his ancestors, that he came from an illustrious, and downright dangerous ancestorif one were to tangle with him. One day in the early '80s, Adji had a visitor from a well-known paranormal, a Pak (mister) Wiranatakusumah, from a west Java (Sunda) royal family who came to Adji's office with one of his nephews, Max Wiranatakusumah, who was one of Adji's assistants and manager.

After sitting at this conference table for about 20 minutes, this gentleman suddenly went into a fit, convulsing and shaking this 12 seat table he was holding on to. Adji, all worried, said to his manager, "Max, do something! Your uncle is ill and I don't want to end up with your dead uncle at my table."

"Oh, don't worry," he said, "he'll be okay in a little while." Sure enough after about 5 minutes which seemed like a long 5 minutes, his uncle was no longer tranced up.

After wiping the sweat from his face, the uncle suddenly points a finger at Adji, and said, "Waah! (wow) You are the descendant of Samber Nyowo."  In an aside, Adji whispered to a colleague sitting next to him, "Who is Samber Nyowo?" Instead of replying, this colleague who is from North Sulawesi some 1,500 miles away, berates Adji for being an ignorant Javanese, unknowledgeable, "you should be ashamed of yourself", and so forth and so on. "Well, I can't help it," Adji said defensively, "I was brought up abroad since I was 7. What do I know about Javanese history anyway."

So, 3 days later he goes to his Dad's home, and asks him, "Dad, who was Samber Nyowo?" The name itself in day-to-day Indonesian already labeled him as that dangerous "life taker". And then Dad went on a long discourse of the legend, the paranormal things he did, nobody could defeat him in battle against the Dutch's modern weapons (at that time guns and cannons versus the natives' bamboo spears), and so on for half an hour. At the end of this he said, "I am a descendant of Samber Nyowo. Why?" he asks. "Just curious," Adji said not wanting to go into details at Pak Wiranatakusumah's meeting.

On another discourse on Samber Nyowo, Grand Dad also said that 6 people who "stabbed him in the back" (figuratively speaking) died suddenly within a matter of days, 4 of them instantly, and 2 suffered a year long lingering illness. "You didn't do a thing on them, did you Dad?" Adji asked. "Of-course not!" Grand Dad replied. "One of the legends says that Samber Nyowo's descendants who have been done an injustice will suffer the consequences," he said matter of factly. Adji thought: "Hmmm ... one never knows when it may come in handy."

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One lesson Adji learned from Grand Dad while he was chief of mission at the Embassy in Tunis (on one of those vacations in the 1960s when he visited his parents), was everybody is equal. And he practiced it.

He would invite the local royalty, ambassadors and so on, and at the same time he would invite the farmers in the Tunisian countryside who once invited him to lunch at their farms, and on occasion a beggar or two he met on the streets where he learned to pick up the colloquial expressions. Remember his hobby was languages and that meant also going to the local people in the streets.

The Tunisian farmers are a friendly lot. They would wave down Grand Dad's car (which had special CMD - chef de mission - ambassadorial plates so they knew he was a foreign guest) from a distance because he liked to visit the country side. Without much ado about anything and through sign languages (Grand Dad didn't speak Arabic then), the farmers would pull his and Grand Mom's arms (Adji was there once for a visit to Tunisia) and steer them into their house, pull them to the ground and on the ground was a table cloth full of food, point at it and made signs to eat. No introductions, nothing. Just sit, and eat! When the hosts burped, Grand Dad would burp (Grand Mom didn't), and Adji burped too (in some cultures burping – or slurping one's soup – is a sign of appreciation to the cook and host and tastiness of the food). That's how he met many ordinary Tunisian folks from the country side.

Their farm animals (chickens, sheep – mostly the chickens) would come prancing on the table cloth and start pecking at the food because the farmer, his family and guests would eat on the ground. They would have to shoo away the chickens now and then. Which is fine, because Indonesians eat on the ground too, with their hands like eating Kentucky Fried chicken, to give it more zap to the food – a kind of indoor picnic which is always fun (although the family may have a fancy teak or marble dining table nearby). But the thing Grand Dad brought home to Adji when he invited these farmers (and once a street beggar whom he was talking to) to the ambassadorial residence, was "Always remember", he said when Adji asked how come Grand Dad was inviting this beggar and these farmers, too, that kinda seemed out of place with his other guests, he said, "they may seem poor and modest, but they are people all the same." And these farmers got along just fine with their royalty and the foreign ambassadors. It became a novelty (for people who never mix with the common people, especially beggars) that the trend was, at that time, to invite as many farmers as possible to their fancy parties. These common folks, are after-all the salt of the earth, as Grand Dad would say.

*Grand Dad was born on August 20th., 1915 in Nganjuk, central Java, and passed away in Jakarta on October 14th., 1991.
**Grand Mom was born in Semarang, central Java, and passed away in London in 1966 at the age of 49 while Grand Dad was chief of the Indonesian Embassy in London between 1963-7.
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“ ..Everything I wish I could articulate  myself.. ”  I visited (this) webpage and found it to be everything I wish I could articulate myself ... although I know what a heart wrenching task it must have been to put it in words, I am grateful to you for what you have done ... ” Teresa, Arkansas, U.S.A. (a bereaved parent) 
“I've found a shelter in a storm.. ” How amazingly wonderful your site is! My son Karl died on 2/21/01. He was 18. I miss him IMMENSELY! Hugs to you and your beautiful wife. Thank you so much for sharing your hearts. I especially Love seeing photo's of your beautiful son Cyrus. I'm saving your web pages and plan to read EVERY word... It's so wonderful you have such an important and extensive site for human beings in such pain and need. Know that today, thank's be to God and You, I've found a shelter in a storm. GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR WIFE AND DEAR CYRUS!!!”  Colleen McCurdy, 25 Mar. ’01 |
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“ brought tears in my eyes.. ” I am so sorry about the loss of your son Cyrus. I have read the story that you wrote in the page. I cannot imagine the trauma that you and your wife had to go thru, it brought tears in my eyes at the middle of the story what you must have gone thru. How sad it must had been. We too had our sorrows and had to go thru the valley of the unknown hurts of life... Gustaaf Vogelsang 8 August, 2001
What a bereaved Mom & Dad have to say ...
“ ..losing a child is far more devastating.. ” Losing an offspring like our 25 year old, Cyrus, is a devastation NO parent will ever know, unless ONE EXPERIENCES it. It is far more devastating than losing one's own parents and brothers and sisters – which we had experienced and had gone through several times. More so when this child was a living doll, then no longer a child, became an adult and then a friend, a trusted buddy who can instead give advice, and whom we can share experiences with . On Jan. 28, 1999 when he passed away, and 2½ years later on Aug. 7th. 2001, our voices still break up and tears welled up in his mother's eyes , when a friend who did not know Cyrus was no longer with us, asked “...and how is Cyrus..?” || The Do's and Don'ts in facing bereaved parents – from the bereaved's perspectives
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